Online GST Tax Calculator To Simplify GST Computation

Gst calculation helps you conduct your business in style with all the computation of your GST facilitated. Instantly roll out your new or existing products with the change in the tax structure. Our Gst Calculator is there to help you easily compute on your taxes in compliance with the GST standards. As a business, you will not have to worry a lot with respect to the tax computation on the goods or finalizing the price of the goods at the selling points. All you need to do is just input the goods in the GST calculator and it will ascertain and evaluate its value based on the prevailing GST rate of the nation.
This software support system is unprecedented with the GST computation since it has brought in its ambit all the countries which have adopted the GST tax system. In any country where GST prevails, you can use this free online gst calculator to go ahead with the change in taxation if adopted by the government. This software minutely tracks every update in the GST and based on the country of the origin, it will help the users get to know about the final price of the product which they can quote for selling the product.

Goods and Services Tax Calculator


Note : GST rate not yet finalized by Indian Government.

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What is GST?

For those folks who have not been acquainted with this term, GST is the tax imposed on the value added at each end of the supply chain. During the manufacturing process the producers have to comply with the one-state-one-tax model and on each addition of the profit, the rate of taxation would be imposed. To make is much simpler for the common folks to understand, suppose if you as a manufacturer bought yarn from a dealer for making the shirts. Once the yarn has been processed with weaving and machinery, it has been converted into a shirt. You add a value of profit on the shirt. The GST will be imposed on the value which you have added. Similarly, after the shirt has been made, the manufacturer will sell it to the ware housing agent who will further add value to it after labelling and designs. With each labelling and design, the value of the goods will increase and subsequently upon the value addition on the price of the shirt, the taxes on value added would be imposed. This process goes on at every stage of the supply chain and the final price of the product is determined with the efforts put forth by the parties in the supply chain. GST is added on each value addition to make the product and service saleable.

Why is Goods and Service Tax So Important?

Goods and service tax has been known to do away with the cascading impacts of the taxation. In most cases the business owners try to pass the burden of the taxes on the consumers. For example, when a shop keeper buys goods from a vendor, taxes are already imposed on the goods. In order to cover up the taxes he has to pay to the government, he further adds value on the price to recover his cost. This shoots up the price of the product and consumers have to ultimately bear the brunt of it. But with GST, the value addition on the product or service means more tax. This will discourage the agents in the supply chain to use unethical practices to recover their costs. At the same time, in the GST the concept of Input Tax Credit is also there. With the input tax credit, the agents in the supply chain can claim the tax return based on the payments they have made for the taxes. But such practice can only be applicable with those who are already registered under the GST returns. This term and condition will compel the business to buy the goods from registered dealers. This practice increases the ambit of the taxation and maximum players in the supply chain will come under the purview of the taxation. If Gst is making your calculations too complicated, feel free to use our online gst calculator